bics SMART roaming: connectivity solutions that enable global mobility
Whether it's 2G/3G, 4G, 5G, LTE or even Internet of Things technologies, BICS connects all devices globally through the largest roaming reach. You will become a part of the team that develops and maintains tools for real-time traffic details, advanced reporting, customer roaming network management and more
Join the team that offers challenges, values quality and enables global connectivity with an intelligent web-based solution
Efficiency and well-organized processes
We work using Agile methodology with Scrum framework
Intelligent data mining techniques
Integration of roaming traffic analytics represented in real-time
Centralized API gateway
Contribute into a unified solution with comprehensive API
Flexibility with modular structure
We take the advantage of the modular approach with Spring Boot
Modern designs
Updated and seamless GUI with React.JS
1 interface to connect over 2 billion people
BICS solutions are an ultimate one-stop center for roaming data management